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      In commerce, supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

      Supply Chain Management is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficiently as possible.

      Inventory management
      Order management (pick & pack)
      Cross docking
      (Re) packing / (re) labeling
      Palletizing / wrapping /strapping
      Assembly & configuration
      Quality inspection / returns
      Spare parts logistics
      Fiscal representation
      Intrastate declaration
      Extensive management reporting

      The transportation and logistics industry has evolved into an environment supported by a wide variety of service providers, who are successfully delivering a full complement of services – air, ocean, ground, brokerage and logistics – in an integrated package. More and more of our customers are seeking to consolidate their vendor base as a means to limit administrative responsibilities and maximize costs and efficiencies, while building long-term relationships.

      At Babstaunch, we recognize the need to drive profit through performance to achieve the lowest total cost of goods and services for our customers. As a focused and dedicated logistics provider, our flexible business model is recognized for its success by many of our clients.

      Our leverages its broad range of services and geographic presence and expand relationships with new and existing customers. Our Company’s industry professionals use these resources to deliver transportation and logistics solutions and improve supply chain performance.

      Timely and accurate information is essential for our customers to succeed and expand in today’s marketplace. our robust forwarding solutions take this key element of our industry into serious consideration.

      Forwarding solutions are offered on an international level, offering cross trade solutions in addition to our local solutions in the various countries in which we operate. our Company redefined formal quality improvement processes. Using these processes along with a highly motivated staff, Babstaunch maximizes efficiencies throughout the supply chain and drives customer service initiatives.

      Working in conjunction with our operational divisions, the supply chain management team offer the additional layers of visibility, support and pro-active management needed by today’s complex international supply chain networks.

      Our solutions are built to be client specific and we work hard to understand our customers’ businesses and the environments they operate in. Managing the complex global supply chain of a high-volume retailer. Reducing delivery delays using customs know-how, new routes and a clear process.

      Official distributor for one of the world’s leading makers of personal consumer products achieved speedy and reliable door-to-door transit times when the distributor hired Babstaunch.

      A combined sea-air solution replaced the customer’s heavy reliance on air freight and resulted in transport costs, reduced cycle time and expedited freight processing. Powering a retail supply chain from any where in the world to Nigeria.

      Babstaunch manages the unique and high-volume global supply chain of one of the world’s largest retailers.

      Babstaunch supports the customer every step of the way from the production shop floor to the final delivery of its oversized products through optimized storage and a variety of shipping options.

      With Babstaunch extensive experience and vast resources spanning numerous industries and countries, our experts are able to customize distinctive supply chain solutions for your specific business needs. Using a proven and scalable process and drawing from our large network of people, we can utilize our logistical expertise to create solutions that accommodate the most dynamic and category-specific markets. Whether you require better visibility, costs savings, an inventory management solution, or an entirely customized approach, we provide the right process, equipment and tools as well as the personal attention to manage your supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.

      Babstaunch uses their absolute best resources to provide the client with the best services. Our professionals use their expertise in forwarding and choose the right partners to handle the transportation. Contact us today to discuss more about your business.

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